By Marc Campos

It’s Cwazy Out There!

“Unusual weather” said the Cowardly Lion back in 1939. The same can be said about recent happenings.

The local GOP came out yesterday against the cancer bonds – huh! Come on! I can sorta understand their hatred of paperless folks, public education, taxes, Gays and Lesbians, organized labor, and Hillary – but cancer?

Local labor cut a deal with HISD on the school bonds but the deal might not be made by the school board hinted today’s Chron. Whatever happened to a deal’s a deal? I wonder how the labor guys feel after reading today’s Chron.

Also in today’s Chron, there is a piece about one of the H-Town City Council At-Large races. Two of the candidates don’t live in H-Town and one uses a belt to settle arguments in his household – ouch! One of the candidates is a former world class track star and I’m betting she wins the race – awww!

The local GOP also took some shots at the Port of Houston bonds yesterday. The Port is arguably the region’s biggest economic generator. I’m talking about in the kazillions. There wouldn’t be an H-Town if there wasn’t the Port.

Also in today’s Chron, NBC-TV and the Greater Houston Partnership announced a November energy forum for Prez wannabees in H-Town but Hillary won’t be here. If Hillary won’t be here, cancel it.

Also in today’s Chron, the local DA said “we believe she stole money.” He’s talking about the TSU case. That’s not what half the jury put on their scorecard. I think most folks around here just want to move on.

The University of Houston is getting a new Chancellor/Prez – a woman. That’s a real good thing. She won’t start here until January, errr after the bowl season. She’s currently the #2 administrator at the University of South Florida. South Florida is currently #2 in the BCS Poll – huh. Betcha didn’t know that South Florida is in Tampa and that they are called the Bulls. The Chron says she likes football. She won’t see any good football around these parts for a while.

I wonder if she likes baseball. The Colorado Rockies are World Serious. I will never ever call them the Denver Rockies again. They have won 21 of their last 22 games. They have my RESPECT! They also have Willie T – ouch1

October 16, 2007 9:00AM

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