By Marc Campos

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Da Bell is now getting hit by Guv Dude's TV ads. I guess Guv Dude is a bit worried about Da Bell putting the Dem base together. Now the Chron's Sunday columnist took a shot at Da Bell for trying to get The Kinkhole out of the race, at the same time, the columnist writes that he doesn't think it's cool for The 'Hole to drop N-bombs - huh? Looks like the media will get a lot of the blame this year for propping up The 'Hole, even though they all know he's a bad joke.

Speaking of the media, the Chron's E-Board took a shot at all the lobbyists that have been brought on to deal with this complete ban smoking ordinance over at Houston City Hall. Duh! There is major policy change fixing to happen and folks have a right to hire "hired guns." Hiring a lobbyist is considered a responsible option. Note: One Of My Best Friends and a Commentary client is taking the lead on marshalling the ordinance though the Houston City Council and My Best Friend has been hired to lobby on the measure by one of the parties. When the mayor and the City of Houston put together their high price six figure lobby team next January to lobby the Texas legislature, I wonder if the Chron's E-Board will take a shot at the Mayor - probably not.

Speaking of the Houston City Council, the Houston City Council Member Radio Talk Show host that forgot to put in 163 addresses on his campaign report and might be in trouble and is now the acting Mayor Pro Tem - somebody asked me why he still gets to be acting Mayor Pro Tem?

Speaking of the GOP, GOP Texas legislators are sharpening their knives and getting ready to carved up some paperless folks. During the next session of the Texas legislature, they want to run with bills that would deny pre-natal care to would be moms that don't have papers. They also want to deny U.S. citizenship to kids born in the U.S. of A. if their parents are paperless. I think it may be time for Protect Texas to get in gear.

Memo to H.E.B. - David Carr don't deserve to be in the same commercial with The Rocket and Andy Pettitte - period.

On some good news, My Brown Eyed Girl is in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. How about them apples, errr, peanuts? In yesterday's Chron Travel Section, there is a piece about the Hall of Fame and they say there is a room in Cooperstown dedicated to "Women in Baseball." According to the Chron, My Brown Eyed Girl's photo is on display at the Hall of Fame. The Chron also says she is the highest ranking female executive in baseball - cool. She certainly has the best parking place at the yard. I wonder when the doors close at night at the Hall and the lights are turned off, do the busts and photos talk to each other. Like maybe My Brown Eyed Girl shooting the bull with The Bambino, Mickey, Joltin' Joe, Honus, Tyrus, and Jackie - they probably tell her that they think the Kiss Kam is cool, but $7 brewskies aren't.

October 16, 2006, 9:00AM

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