By Marc Campos

A Family Tradition?

“Don't ask me Hank, why do you drink? (Hank) why do you roll smoke? Why must you live out the songs you wrote? Stop and think it over. Try and put yourself in our unique position. If you get stoned and sing dumba__ songs, it's not an AMERICAN family tradition!”

Hank Williams, Jr. joined the Obama sleeps with the terrorists shrill seekers at a McCain rally yesterday in Virginia when he adjusted the lyrics to one of his tunes by throwing in a line about Obama and the former Weatherman. Williams Junior was also wearing a Skins jersey. He looked goofier than he did when he used to intro Monday Night Football.

There is a piece in today’s Chron about the GOTV effort for Texas GOP down ballot candidates. The article forgot to mention that all GOP down ballot candidates were urged to include a picture of H-Town’s Mayor in their ads.

Speaking of ads, Commentary doesn’t think the Lone Star State’s Junior Senator gets it. I don’t think a whole lot of us stand in a cow pasture at sunset contemplating getting through the tough times.

Commentary will be participating in Cindy Clifford’s – sometimes referred to here as Cin – Pre-Election Analysis Luncheon today at the Four Seasons Hotel a few blocks from The Yard. It’s an annual affair and the only time of the year that anybody pays attention to Commentary. A few of the local players will be in attendance. I get to sit on the same panel with U of H’s Dr. Richard Murray, Sonny Messiah, publisher of the Houston Defender, and Rice’s Dr. Bob Stein.

Speaking of know-it-alls, some folks are saying that the GOP Harris County Judge scored a lot of election points during Hurricane Ike because folks got to see him giving orders and handling stuff. I don’t know about that. Since a lot of us didn’t have power and couldn’t turn on the TV, who in the heck got to see him during the early critical days. I mean, I heard him on the radio and read about what he was doing in the newspaper but I didn’t get to see him on the tube.

Something to report from The Yard, according to the ‘Stros: “Since Astros Chairman and CEO Drayton McLane purchased the Astros prior to the 1993 season, the Astros own a 1350-1176 record, good for a .534 winning pct. that ranks 5th in the Majors and 2nd in the National League during that span.

(THIS SEASON) The Astros led the Majors with a .989 fielding pct., while also committing the fewest errors among MLB clubs with 67, 16 fewer than the next-best MLB team (Mets and Yankees, 83).” How about that!

October 14, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary