By Marc Campos

One On The Road,
Message Shuffle

It's nice to win one on the road. Didn't do that last year. The yard will be rocking tomorrow. Once again, props go to Chris Burke for legging out that triple - TV replays said he was safe. One of the smartest baseball guys ever, Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa, unsuccessfully argued the call. Commentary likes LaRussa, dude is cool - wears shades at night. Commentary also likes Card first baseman Albert Pujols - if we're gonna go to the big dance, we're gonna have to sneak into the visitors clubhouse this weekend and steal his bats. Commentary actually has one of his bats that he autographed his rookie year - in mint condition - got it from one of the Young Guns' brother that used to have access to the Astros clubhouse.

If Commentary could have one of those fantasy dinners with three living baseball legends, LaRussa would be there along with Yogi Berra - I'll get back to you on the third fella.

In the District 143 race, today is ballot drawing day. Told Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143, that don't be disappointed if you pick # 6 - there are six candidates. I have never been convinced that ballot placement actually gives you an advantage. I'm sure someone out there will forward me a study that says some voters pick the first name listed.

It's residency, stupid. I think we are getting under some collars on this issue. Good - that was our intention. Also noticed that one of our opponents has shifted their message somewhat. Good - that was also our intention. Commentary was forwarded another wacko piece that another tiny mind put out about Laura. Laura sure does have the other side worried - AND THAT WAS ALSO OUR INTENTION. Go Astros!

October 14, 2005, 9:00AM

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