By Marc Campos

Wackos, Don't Come Easy

Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143, received her first piece of hate mail yesterday. Actually, it was police report worthy. She filed a report and turned over the mail to the cops - they call it a "terroristic threat." The mail included an uncreative mark-up of one of Laura's direct mail pieces - swastikas, Spanish language cuss words, Frankenstein scars, eye gouging - you get the picture. Pretty violent and nasty stuff. Thought about putting it on my website, decided against - Commentary does have standards.

Another wacko emailed me yesterday about my take on the best non-profit in America period. I'll put this fella in the tiny mind category, no, on second thought, this fella goes to the idiot room.

You know it don't come easy. Commentary is kind of bummed out this morning. Astros 3, Cards 5. Remember, we were 0-1 after the first game last year. Still feel good about our chances. Memo to Roy O. - stay in the clubhouse during batting practice. How did Pettitte get hit by a Roy O. batting practice line drive? These are the freakin playoffs! Our starting pitchers need to be assigned bodyguards. You can't tell me that Pettitte's swollen knee didn't contribute to Reggie Sanders' first inning two-run dinger. Let's come home with a win - whatdaya think?

October 13, 2005, 9:00AM

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