By Marc Campos

Phony Time, Page 22, Graffiti Idea

Don't you just hate it when folks in politics come off as phonies? A case in point is Da Bell coming up with one of the best ideas - asking The Kinkhole to get out of the race. Everybody knows, including media folks, pundits, and even The 'Hole believers, that The 'Hole is vaudeville pure and simple. Nobody thinks he's going to win. Heck, they don't even have a line on him in Vegas. Not even a kazillion to one!

If The 'Hole got out of the race, odds are, Da Bell might get more votes and what's wrong with that?

There is a reason the Texas NAACP didn't invite The Kinkhole to speak at their convention, The 'Hole would have probably showed up in blackface and tap dancing shoes. So cut this nonsense out about Da Bell doing something wrong asking The 'Hole to get out. It's about time we had a serious discussion about how bad The Kinkhole's act is. Now maybe folks will start getting serious about how they are going to vote. Think about it, even though E-Boards across the state are probably interviewing The 'Hole, are any of the E-Boards seriously considering endorsing The 'Hole? Enough said!

Speaking of a__holes, looks like GOPredator in charge, Denny Boy, isn't welcome in CD 22. In today's Chron, that weenie right wing columnist writes that the Houston City Council Woman CD 22 wannabee disinvited Denny Boy to a campaign function. Guess she didn't want a picture of her and Denny Boy haunt her when she runs as a challenger in 2008. Good move on her part.

In Houston, if someone "tags" your property with graffiti, you gotta fix it and pay for it yourself, if not, you get fined - huh! You have a few weeks to get the graffiti removed. However, the City of Houston won't fine itself for all the stop signs that are tagged 'cause they can't fine themselves. Fair enough. So why not let us citizens file a complaint with the city on "tagged" city property and if the graffiti isn't removed from city owned property like stop signs and stuff on a timely basis, then they get fined, with the fine, errr, $$$, going to the complainants favorite non-profit. Fair enough. This makes sense to me.

October 12, 2006, 9:00AM

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