By Marc Campos

Nora, Dan, $48.12, Destiny

The day W nominated Harriet Miers for a Supremeship, a reporter called me and asked for my take on W not appointing a Latino/Latina. My response - "hey, we kind of got in the game, W's appointee did fire Nora Linares." Miers was appointed by W to the Texas Lottery Commission back in the '90s, then the commission fired Linares who was serving as the ED. Nora was a force in Dem Party politics prior to her ED assignment.

Well, it looks like Nora's back in the news. Folks want to know what really happened in Lottoville back then. Nora's not talking to the press - wonder if she'll talk to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee staffers?

Dan Patrick, GOP State Senate, District 7 wannabee says in today's Chron that he won't take campaign buckos from "any group or special interest that is against the people." Guess Dan gets to decide which check is from an anti-people special interest. Dan set some pretty high standards for his campaign.

Speaking of campaigns, yesterday was one of those days where campaigns had to turn in their campaign and expenditure reports - C&Es. On the C&E, you have to say how much cash on hand you have on the last day of the reporting period - for Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143, she had a staggering $48.12. Wonder what her opponents are thinking?

There are a lot of folks in town that believe this is the year the Astros finally go to the World Series. The buzz is in the air. Astros versus the Cards this evening. The Chron is picking the 'Stros in 7. Commentary loves their chance - is it ....... destiny? Play ball!

October 12, 2005, 9:00AM

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