By Marc Campos

Quit, Kinkhole, Quit! A11 and Purdy, Cy-Right, Reports, Press Bests, A-Rod

Da Bell called on The Kinkhole to get out of the race and endorse Da Bell and that's a good thing! More folks need to start talking this up. Today's Chron E-Pages finally has The Kinkhole pegged as a vaudeville act and that's also a good thing. If The Kinkhole quitting issue dogs him from here on out, well, maybe, just maybe The 'Hole believers will stop believing. We need a bumper sticker that says "Quit, Kinkhole, Quit!"

Page A11 is where today's Chron has The GOPredator story. Tsk, tsk, tsk! There is also a picture of one of the former pages that was chased all over Capitol Hill by the GOPredator in question. I can just imagine what some of those GOPredators are whispering in The Cloak Room after checking out the pic - "mmmm, he sure is purdy!"

Profiles in Courage go to the Cy-Fair school district board here in the Houston area for doing the right thing and voting for a tax increase to fund their schools despite opposition led by the GOP talk show host that will soon be a state senator. The board basically said "kiss my a__" to local GOP leaders. Props go to the Cy-Fair board. Commentary hopes other elected officials will take note of Cy-Fair's actions. So-right, Cy-Right!

Commentary hasn't seen much of One Of My Best Friends lately. She's been marshalling the complete ban smoking ordinance over at City Hall. She's also been heading up the effort to getting campaign contribution and expenditure reports online for candidates that run for City of Houston offices - that's a good thing. City Hall folks don't pay much attention to what Commentary has to say, but if they ask me, I say go on ahead and make sure contributor addresses are available online. Look, if you can go down to the City Secretary's office and get addresses, why not just get them online. It'll save us gas and parking money plus cut down on traffic congestion and we all know the Mayor wants to reduce traffic congestion. I also think it is a good idea to include a contributor's occupation for those that give $250 plus - what's wrong with this?

The Houston Press came out with its Best of Issue and I have to take issue, pardon the pun, with one of the Press' Best. Best Sports Franchise Owner: The Press picks the fella that owns the Texans, while the readers picked my friend Drayton McLane. The readers are right. The 'Stros have been World Serious and they go after the players to help us win like Randy Johnson, Carlos Beltran, The Rocket, Pettitte, J.K., you get the picture. The Texans say no deal to Vince and Reggie, you get the picture. Picking Drayton is a no brainer.

One Press' Best that Commentary endorses is the Best Public Arts Project (in Progress), or as I call it, Presidential Pass. Located off of Sawyer and Summer Streets close to the new Target, it is one of the coolest places to check out in the evening. My Brown Eyed Girl introduced me to the Pass a while back. It has larger than life busts of a bunch of U.S. Presidents all lined up. They are about three or four times my height and they are only busts. We saw Lyndon, Abe, FDR, Teddy, Clinton, Ford, Truman, and a quite a few others. W is also there with his smirk - he looks like he don't know what's going on. The artist is the same fella that created the big Sam Houston in Huntsville. He's also working on The Beatles in his studio/garage - I saw George and Paul in the making. Drive out to Presidential Pass, in the evening of course.

Yankee fan is not happy with A-Rod. Yankee management says A-Rod is not for sale. Would A-Rod look good in brick red? I'm just thinking out loud.

October 11, 2006, 9:00AM

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