By Marc Campos

Prime Time, Little Mind

Fox s__ks! Last night Commentary rooted against my second favorite team - the Yankees - cause I thought the TV schedulers would give the Astros more prime time exposure without the Yankees in the American League Championship Series. Nope. Instead, the Angels-White Sox series gets all of their games on prime time. The Astros-Cards play day games on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, if necessary. I guess it's the ratings, stupid. The LA -Chicago markets are a bit bigger than St.Louis-Houston.

Well, Saturday is OK, that evening, Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas has their annual black tie gala - a real cool event that Commentary regularly attends. Planned Parenthood is the best non-profit in America period.

The Astros are the top baseball story in America this morning. Too bad Fox/Major League Baseball are not putting out the best product on prime time.

Speaking of prime time, next Sunday evening, the Houston Texans are playing against Seattle. The game is on ESPN. However, since it's on cable, Channel 2 (the local NBC affiliate) will also cover the game - which means that "The West Wing" will be preempted. Nothing against the Texans, but at 0 and 4 and going nowhere, is that really necessary? Gotta find out if Channel 2 plans to air "The West Wing" at a later time.

More on the "Stros. Now that field and club level tickets are $75 a pop, expect to see more dressed up folks at the yard - like the ones that go the Rocket games (near floor level) and Texan games (club level). The yard will now be the place to be seen.

Commentary is jealous. I'm sure you heard about the guy in left field Sunday that caught the dinger balls hit by Berkman and Burke. Dude's on the front page and on the national news. His balls are going to Cooperstown. Makes my 60 fouls balls look like, well, foul balls.

By the way, even though this city is caught up in Astromania, there is still an election in Texas House of Representatives, District 143 - last we heard, Laura Salinas is still the only candidate that lives in the district. Some fella with a real tiny mind sent me an email last week - said some mean things about Laura. Forwarded the email to Laura, she laughed.

October 11, 2005, 9:00AM

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