By Marc Campos

The Target and the Jury

The Law and Order fella got overshadowed yesterday in the GOP Prez wannabee debate by Hillary. It looks like the GOPers are already putting Hillary in their sights. She got a lot of run last night. If you look around these parts, it does look like Hillary is the only campaign in town. The Law and Order fella had a case of stage fright right off of the bat too many uhs, uhs. It reminds me of a much hyped flick that nobody goes to see like Sly Stallone flicks nowadays.

Speaking of, Commentary doesnt wear a US of A flag pin. Does that make me unpatriotic? Commentary doesnt miss an election. Does that make me more patriotic? Commentary always sings the national anthem at The Yard. I think Im the only one that sings it. Does that make me more patriotic? I wonder if those Fox News idiots sing the national anthem when they go to their yard.

Paperless Witness 1, Neck Judge 0 thats all Im going to say about that (from Serge).

That means one local jury is still out yikes?

Speaking of, attaboy J. Dominic! Hes already requesting the Fisher-Price eSlate gizmo hes gotta get ready to cast Vote Numero Uno for James Rodriguez in 27 days. I wonder how J. Dominic will vote on the HISD bonds.

The local Latino Dem organization will be roasting and toasting CW Jackson Lee this weekend yikes! Im sure theres not a shortage of verbal ammo to use for the occasion.

Miller and Coors are joining forces. So I have a question, does the crib of the Denver Rockies become CooLer Field? Does the Brewer yard become Millors Park? Im just asking.

Maybe Ill ask Milo Hamilton when he gets out of the hospital. Holy Toledo! Get well soon Milo!

October 10, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary