By Marc Campos

Grrrrreatt! Pinball, Log Cabins, New York City, Huh! Feeling

As Tony The Tiger says, “that’s grrrrreatt!” I’m talking about North Korea getting the nuke monster. This is a country that won’t let its people get on the internet, own dish TVs, wear digital wristwatches, eat pizzas, or watch Comedy Central, but hey, they got nukes! Don’t worry about it! W’s got it under control!

Speaking of under control, the GOPredators remind me of those pinballs that keep getting banged around while the points keep getting rung up. Let’s say thank you to Denny Boy and The Beaver – his Numero Dos. Their little problem, errr, pardon the pun, just won’t go away little girl, errr, little boy – awwww!

Somebody needs to ‘splain this to me. How come Log Cabin Republicans exist? What’s the point? A cockroach at an exterminators’ convention would appear to have more fun. Dems don’t respect them and GOPredators don’t like them, so what’s the point?

Which reminds me, how come Hollywood’s coming out with another movie on Capote this week? Didn’t we just see one?

Speaking of New York, the New York Yankees, one of Commentary’s favorite teams after the ‘Stros need to shut up period! They get paid a ton of $$$ and they are starting to point fingers after they got run out of the playoffs. Shut up! They have the highest payroll in the bigs, yet they can’t accept responsibility! Shut up! If The Skipper Joe Torre wants to drop A-Rod to the 8 hole cause he’s not hitting worth a durn, toooooooo bad! Shut up and watch the rest of the post season like the rest of us!

This one kind of makes you feel like the AFLAC Duck when Yogi Berra speaks. It turns out Houston Congressman Culberson will only accept a debate challenge from his Dem opponent if 1) the debate is closed to the public, and 2) the news media is excluded. Huh! I guess only staff and immediate family will be allowed to attend.

“I got a feeling, a feeling deep inside …….” Doesn’t it feel good to be a Dem on 10/10/2006? Four weeks from today is starting to look real good ……yes!

October 10, 2006, 9:00AM

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