By Marc Campos

West Wing Reads Commentary,
18 Innings, Thanks

"West Wing" played the immigration card last night - must have read what a Young Gun told Commentary about the GOP going after those without papers to take the heat off of Iraq, high gasoline prices and disaster relief. GOP Prez candidate Arnold Vinnick even had a press conference with the mini-men. Vinnick's Latino aide, somewhat disgusted with the Vinnick campaign tactics, resigned, saying - "What will I tell my kids when they ask me years from now what I did when a Latino ran for president?" Good for him, nice story line.

I honestly can't say that I've been to a more exciting game. 5 hours and fifty minutes. A walk off home run. The only guys that didn't play were Pettitte and Roy O.. (Roy O.'s wife did sing the national anthem and "God Bless America") Catchers Ausmus and Raul Chavez played first base. Roger pitches the final three innings. Two grand slams. When we were behind 6 to 1, I thought about having to watch Game 5 tonight. Some folks left the yard at that point, of course, they'll say that they stayed through the end. Around the 17th inning, I thought I was going to miss "The West Wing." They even ran out of commercials to run in between innings.

The Berkman slam was wow, we might have a shot at this. The Ausmus dinger was, hey, we are going to do this. The Burke homer was, man, let's go home - I donít think I can handle anymore of this. It was nice to clinch the Division Series at home. I kind of feel bad for the Braves, they played their hearts out, awwww, not really. It is one of those memorable events where you'll save the tickets and today's sports section. Someone close to Commentary gave me one of those playoff lids - wore it to the game yesterday instead of my regular lid - will keep wearing the playoff lid until further notice. You gotta like our chances today.

Props go to the Astros for congratulating the Mayor and the County Judge and their key folks for their Katrina/Rita efforts. The Mayor Pro Tem, one of Commentary's clients, was among those that were given kudos prior to Saturday's and Sunday's games.

October 10, 2005, 9:00AM

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