By Marc Campos

Remembering When

Remember back in November of 1998 right after Governor Bush (he wasn’t W then) was handily reelected to a second term, a steady stream of national GOP leaders and big wigs started making their way to Austin to the Governor’s Mansion (when we used to have a Mansion) to ask Bush to run and be their nominee. They blew smoke up his arse and told him that he was their best hope to take back The White House. The parade of GOPers included fellow Governors, U.S. Senators, party leaders from other states, major donors, and heck, even former cabinet members. I wonder how these folks feel today about their role in our current mess. One thing is for sure. I haven’t seen the new movie “W” that will be at a theater near you next week, but this is will be one time that folks will have a hard time attacking an Oliver Stone flick. It is what you call a dark comedy – I guess.

You know things are tough for GOP candidates when guys like Culberson, who are anti paperless folk and accuse H-Town of being a sanctuary city, include H-Town’s Mayor in his TV ads – despicable!

One of Commentary’s favorite groups, the H-Town Hispanic Chamber, came out with their endorsements yesterday. I don’t know about some of their picks. They put too many GOPer on the plate for my taste. Maybe they can ‘splain to me why a Latino business owner or professional should support a candidate from a political party that has done a lot of Latino bashing lately – that’s all I want to know.

Speaking of despicable, Guv Dude and the State Troopers are messing with paperless folks – this time on the issue of driver’s licenses – puhleeese! I guess they stopped trying to figure out who torched Guv Dude’s pad.

Nothing to report from The Yard other than to say that Brandon Backe’s mug shots made it to the public domain – he looks like he did the evening of September 27 when he gave up eight hits and eight runs in one and a third innings – yikes! The LCSes start this evening with ManRam still on the BoSox payroll but wearing Dodger Blue. Skipper Joe Torre, who was canned by the Bronx Bombers after last season, is also wearing the Blue while the Bronx Bombers never even made it to the playoffs. Former ‘Stro Brad Lidge who worked his way out of wearing the Brick Red will be in a Phillie uniform this evening, meanwhile, our own Green Valley had the most saves in the NL. In return for the hot bat of Wiggintonner, we had to give up Dan Wheeler who is now the closer for the Rays who host BoSox tomorrow evening. Two teams from blue states and two teams from toss-up states representing 115 electors remain in the MLB playoffs.

October 9, 2008 9:00AM

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