By Marc Campos

Report Cards and the Three Pickers

The dreaded C & Es are due today – Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Reports. The Former Young Political Consultant That ….. made an appearance here yesterday to help us out on them. Folks will peruse them and yak about them as we head into the last four weeks of the campaign. C & Es are a good thing. It keeps campaigns honest – I think.

Today’s the last day to register to vote if you want to vote in four weeks. I hope Serge signs up J. Dominic in District I. At 9 lbs and 11 ozs at his inaugural, I think he could pass as a District I voter.

Local organized labor endorsed the HISD school bonds yesterday. The Metropolitan Organization, a grass roots organization, is staying out of the bond campaign. There are still a lot of heavy hitters on the sidelines. I wonder if they will be asked to pinch hit in the near future.

Two local juries might reach verdicts today – yikes!

The Chron’s three baseball writers made their playoff picks last week. They didn’t do so hot. They all went 1 for 4 in the first round.

Speaking of, for obvious reasons, Commentary like a lot of other folks in H-Town doesn’t have a problem with the Yankees’ season being over.

The ‘Stros were 4 and 3 against the Rockies and 2 and 5 against the D-Backs, so that means the D-Backs will probably go to the World Serious. Speaking of, we have Boston and Cleveland and Arizona and Colorado. How come they aren’t called Phoenix and Denver?

October 9, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary