By Marc Campos

McCain’s Last Meal?

Nothing changed after last night’s debate which means that the McCain campaign is kind of like the death row inmate that has been given his list of menu items for his last meal. In football terminology, the Obama campaign is now running out the clock.

Have you noticed that it appears like the only folks that are campaigning for McCain/Palin are McCain/Palin. Where’s W? Where’s Big Dick Cheney? Where’s Catcher’s Mitt? Where’s Huckleberry? Where’s the Law and Order Fella? Where’s Rudy G? Where’s Guv Dude?

Commentary really doesn’t know that much about the finer points of economic policy (of course, I don’t think anybody else does either), but don’t you think that if Obama wins, Americans will at least feel a little better and the downward spiral will – uh – stop spiraling downward. Maybe an Obama win will salvage a part of this Christmas from maybe twelve days to let’s say at least four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves…..

The AIG big wigs, errr dumba__es, errr crooks, took some of the taxpayer bailout money we handed them last month and went to stay at a spa and all they get is a congressional scolding. How about somebody going to jail?

The debris crews are making their way around H-Town and now some folks are complaining about the fact that the crews aren’t getting out of their trucks with dust pans, and picking up every little twig and leaving neighborhood streets, gutters and ditches spotless. Hey neighbor, get a rake, broom, and your own dust pan and handle it yourself. In case you haven’t noticed, we just got Iked!

My Godson’s Luke’s BD was yesterday. Happy Birthday Lucas!

Nothing again to report on the ‘Stros other than to say that Brad Lidge returns to the NLCS stage tomorrow evening and instead of having to face Albert Pujols, he’ll have to go up against ManRam – yikes!

October 8, 2008 9:00AM

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