By Marc Campos

Judge’s Shame, The Z Word, Midges Rule

Normally, Commentary tries not to pounce on folk’s personal problems, but this time I’ll make an exception. A Harris County GOP Judge’s daughter is on trial here for drinking, driving, and getting somebody killed in the process. One of the witnesses for the state was a paperless folk. The GOP Judge took the stand on behalf of his daughter and tried to rip the credibility of the paperless folk witness because he didn’t have his papers – huh – for Pedro’s sake? Maybe he thinks his daughter will get a sympathetic ear from jury members that don’t like paperless folks. Now that is an interesting defense strategy – if his papers don’t fit, you must acquit – my arse!

The Z Word, err land use is getting a lot of run in the local media nowadays. H-Town is the US of A’s largest burg without Z. I’m thinking someone will soon step forward and put Z on the table for a big time discussion. I wonder if H-Town is ready for a Z-bate.

I don’t think “The Kingdom” is playing in Riyadh. It’s a good flick – check it out.

It looks like State Rep Sly had a good crowd at his anti HISD bond meeting – CW Jackson Lee, Rev Lawson, Rep Dutton, and CMs Brown and Lovell were among those attending – impressive.

The midges put it on the Yankees Friday night. Midges is a new word to Commentary. They are gnat-like bugs. There was a plague-like invasion of midges at The Jake and they got to the Yankees – who were edged, errr midged 2 to 1 in 11.

Props go to the 17 year old Red Sox fan for doing his duty and snatching a pop foul ball out of the glove of the Angels catcher Friday night. Commentary has always dreamed of doing that to the opposing team at The Yard in a key situation. The kid helped the Red Sox stay alive and tie the game they eventually won 6 to 3.

I wonder how the miserable Cubbie fans are feeling this morning.

That Frank Caliente fella is getting a lot of promo run during the playoffs. Talk about pressure. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a program-to-be get this much run. I can’t figure out who the fella with the shaggy hair is though.

My Brown Eyed Girl and I started doing a jig saw puzzle of District I this weekend. Speaking of, James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I, still has his big signs hanging on the walls of The Yard!

October 8, 2007 9:00AM

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