By Marc Campos

Handwriting on the Wall

You have to figure the McCain campaign can read the handwriting on the wall since they are focusing on the Chicago terrorist rather than talking about saving the U.S. American economy. Right now I think voters are more interested in their 401Ks and jobs than what happened forty years ago. I don’t even think that the capture of Bin Laden would do much to help out McCain right now. I also don’t even think that a stellar McCain performance in tonight’s debate would help him out.

About the only thing that would help the GOP is if they were to round up the top execs of Lehman, AIG, and others that are tanking, throw them in jail, forget to read them their rights, and throw the keys away.

Commentary noticed that the local GOP has a TV ad urging folks to elect their judges. Here is the question I have: Since we’re a red state, how does that impact voter enthusiasm? I guess we may get an answer to that in thirteen days. Stay tuned!

It looks like Reliant Energy is now hurting. If the U.S. of A. government rescues Reliant, will they call the Texans’ crib U.S. American Field? Then maybe the team name would change to Patriots South.

Nothing to report on the ‘Stros other than to say that Commentary will admit when Bud Selig gets one right – he is urging teams not to raise ticket prices next year because of our hurting economy. Way to go Bud!

October 7, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary