By Marc Campos

The Squeeze Play

I am not talking about one of baseball's most exciting and daring plays, when a gambling manager sends the runner from third base to home plate, with less than two outs - during the pitcher's delivery, hoping the batter will lay down a bunt to score the runner. I'm talking about electeds (who are not supporting Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143) putting pressure on folks and groups, telling them to stay away from Laura's campaign.

It is there and folks know it. Of course, folks and groups will never admit to being pressured or squeezed. The political squeeze play is utilized when you have something to worry about. They are worried about Laura Salinas because she is connecting with voters out in the community. They can't pressure the voter, so they put the squeeze on players and groups. It says something about Laura Salinas, that she is still standing tall despite the pressure.

"Smoltz is hot and Roger's not" - an email message from a Commentary buddy last night during the game. Let's remember, it wasn't easy during the regular season, and it won't be easy during the playoffs. At least we're getting more respect - a prime time game last night and a prime time game tomorrow night. We're getting there.

October 7, 2005, 9:00AM

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