By Marc Campos

Debates, Denny Boy, Paluuee

Commentary will miss the Friday Night Debates tonight. This is one of the reasons folks donít give a hoot about voting. Only one debate is scheduled before the election and it is being held on a Fall Friday night in Texas. Maybe the four candidates should have been required to wear their high schoolís football uniforms during the debate, thus creating a little more interest. I think the E-Boards for the stateís major dailies should have collaborated and sponsored debates in the Metroplex, H-Town, Austin, and South Texas with mandatory participation and if Guv Dude refuses, he donít get endorsed. This is just a thought.

Commentary will be the guest of the folks that run the yard along with The Young Gun and The Lovely Wendy at the AAMA black tie gala this evening. Iím betting if there is an objective analysis of the debate, Da Bell will win hands down.

Denny Boy is hanging on to his gig Ė good. The top dog of the Grand Old Predators continues to give us ammo galore and more. Now it turns out Denny Boy wanted to bring in Clinton basher Louie Lou Ah Freeh to handle the investigation Ė yeah, sure. You kinda get the feeling that DeLay is still hanging around giving advice. Denny Boyís decision to hang around means Dems will score some points during the weekend talk shows and thatís a good thing. Dems will continue to play offense and the Grand Old Predators will play defense.

No moves yet from the yard. Iím keeping my ear to the ground, maybe they are too busy helping out Louiee Paluuee.

October 6, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary