By Marc Campos

Free Ride, Questionnaires, Emergency Briefings

The Chron has a mention today about the Houston Independent School District canceling three school board races because nobody ran against the three incumbents. The Houston City Controller, an at-large city council member, and three district council members are running unopposed this November. Why do they get a free ride, while other incumbents face challengers?

The dreaded questionnaire. They take up a lot of Commentary's time. This year, they threw in a lot of Rita/Katrina questions - rate the response, rate the leadership, what would you do differently. Candidates fill out the questionnaire. Sometimes the groups endorse. You get to put the group's name on you campaign literature. Sometimes they give your candidate money. On a rare occasion, the group will send over volunteers. A lot of times you get nothing. It would be nice if the groups told you exactly what you get if you get endorsed. There are actually some candidates/office holders that have a policy of not filling out questionnaires.

"My folks would want to know where I was?" That's a response an elected had about standing behind the Mayor and County Judge during the Rita briefings. This elected opined that once one elected got camera time at the briefing, then his constituents would want to know where he was at. Makes sense? Nope. Maybe when they fine tune the emergency management plan, they can include a "no electeds other than the Mayor/County Judge will get camera time at briefings."

October 6, 2005, 9:00AM

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