By Marc Campos

Local Doings

CEWDEM put out a breaking news bulletin yesterday evening about our local Dem JP being challenged by his top aide – huh? Commentary votes in the JP’s precinct, so I’m one of the deciders. I can’t figure out if the top aide is still employed as the top aide to his boss, errr opponent. If he is, I wonder if the JP can fire his top aide for running against him. I would – I think – or at least give him a demotion and pay cut.

Speaking of action in Commentary’s hood, there are rumblings that we may see some other local action in the Dem Primary in these parts. Also, yesterday’s posting by the Chron’s City Hall writer had a mention on other local Dem Primary action – check it out.

It turns out the local Hispanic Chamber’s Edgar knows new ‘Stros coach Ed Romero. Says Edgar – “Point of interest about new third base coach Edgardo Romero: not only we share names, but also is a fellow graduate of Baptist High School of Carolina, Puerto Rico. He was one year ahead of me. Great guy, great knowledge of baseball. For the obvious reasons, I followed his career. He was originally signed by the Brewers as a shortstop. Problem there was he was stuck behind Robin Yount. He then moved to Boston, where he played in the 1986 World Series. Then went on to other teams. While he may not have played much, he did hang around for 12 years in the big leagues. He became a student of the game. He retired and paid his dues managing in the minor leagues and PR Winter League. He is now being rewarded. Nice story there. Of course, I have not seen him since high school, but can't wait to meet him and welcome him to Houston!”

Romero played for the 1986 Red Sox team that lost to the Mets in the World Serious. He saw action in Games 2, 4 and 7.

Speaking of, former Colt 45/Astro Don Nottebart passed away recently. Nottebart pitched the first no hitter in Houston franchise history back on May 17, 1963 against the Phillies in Philly. On September 13, 1965, Nottebart gave up Dinger #500 to Willie Mays at the Dome.

Well, the Yankees, Phillies and Cubbies lost yesterday. Down zip 2, Cubbie Nation is feeling a bit miserable this morning.

Speaking of, now that the, errr our season is over, I need to see what My Brown Eyed girl is up to these days. It looks like a movie weekend for sure.

October 5, 2007 9:00AM

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