By Marc Campos

The Trials, GOPredators, HISD's Di's Deal, Moves

So what's up with the Texas Trial Lawyers releasing a poll yesterday showing Lady Foghorn ahead of Da Bell and The Kinkhole with Guv Dude still on top? Do The Trials actually think Foghorn will be the next Governor? Do they know something most of us don't? What, like Dems are supposed to pick up today's newspaper and say "hey, Da Bell doesn't have a prayer, so I gotta get me a Foghorn yard sign" - nope, it doesn't work that way. Do they (The Trials) think that Dem voters are going to abandon our Party to support an independent but still Republican candidate that regularly switches positions?

Look, one of the Big Goof Ups of the 2006 Texas election is The Trials deciding to support Foghorn. They thought back then that Dems would find Da Bell kind of inconsequential and they (we, Dems) would hate Guv Dude so bad that we (Dems) would hold our nose and support Foghorn - (buzzzzzer) - wrong! The Trials dissed how we (Dems) think and got it wrong. They should have stuck with the Dem nominee. He's the only candidate without a gimmick and what's wrong with that. The Trials can still make amends by giving ($$$$$$$) what they gave to Foghorn to Da Bell - fair enough?

I wonder what the Vegas line is on when Denny Boy will bite the dust over this page predator deal. Now the Grand Old Predator U.S. House leadership is turning the matter over to the toothless and clawless and defanged House Ethics Committee - good. That give us more ammo we can use to blast away at the Grand Old Predators.

Commentary doesn't buy this line that the "public" doesn't want this page predator issue politicized - bullsh__! The "public" is entitled to know about this stuff and if it takes Dems to shovel it out in full view, so be it. The Grand Old Predators clearly wanted absolutely no one to know about this crap. Now they (GOPredators) are making a feeble attempt to get folks off the trail - no sirree - it won't work.

Diana Davila, President of the Board of Education of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) -a Commentary client - had a fundraising reception yesterday evening and a number of key folks were in attendance. The Young Gun was there and picked up a few commitments. He's definitely in candidate mode. I like the way folks are reacting to his candidacy.

By the way, HISD's Di had the reception at her family's eatery on North Main - they have a pretty cool outdoor patio - nice for political gigs.

Well, the 'Stros extended Scrap Iron's contract for another year and they let go of the pitching coach - I can handle that. Now the moves have begun!

October 5, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary