By Marc Campos

Influence and Senor Ed

Southampton is one of H-Town’s upscale neighborhoods. Hey, with a name like Southampton, you gotta be upscale. They are getting a lot of run these days because some developers want to build a 20 something story apartment building in their ‘hood.

In today’s Chron, there is a mention about the fact that “affluent” neighborhoods might be getting special treatment at City Hall. H-Town’s Mayor has weighed in heavily on behalf of the Southamptonians. You know, “affluent” neighborhoods have higher voter turnouts – that’s a fact. You can’t blame elected officials for paying attention to neighborhoods with high voter turnouts. Props go to them. They even got the city to snatch back a favorable letter that was sent to the developers – you know, the ‘ol bureaucratic “never mind” switcheroo.

The moral to this story – if you vote, you can complain!

Speaking of votes, the James Rodriguez for Houston City Council, District I big signs are still hanging prominently at The Yard.

Former H-Town Mayor Lee P. Brown is 70 years young today. Commentary thinks Mayor Brown did a heckuva job. He’s also a stand up good Dem. Happy Birthday Mayor Brown!

Cardinal skipper Tony La Russa is 63 today. Like Commentary, La Russa is watching the playoffs on the tube. Like Commentary, La Russa wears shades at The Yard. Happy Birthday Skipper La Russa!

Speaking of, I’ve decided that I won’t have a favorite in the MLB playoffs. I just want to see good baseball. Yesterday I saw good baseball. Tsk, tsk, tsk to the miserable Cubbie fans.

Senor Ed was ecstatic yesterday when I told him that the ‘Stros had added Ed Romero to their coaching staff. That’s two Latinos on the coaching staff. That’s a real good thing. Welcome to H-Town Ed!

October 4, 2007 9:00AM

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