By Marc Campos

Family Values? #31, Flicks

It doesn't look like the GOP is going to out family value us this year - no sirree! At the same time, it looks like Dems are going light on the issue, I don't see any missiles being fired - and that's not a good thing. Where's our (Dem Party) outrage? How about a bumper sticker that says something like "Hastert Likes The Molasters" - you get the picture?

The Chron took the "page" story off of the front page. The Chron's front page has stories on electric rates, the Amish murders, the border fence, a law enforcement lawsuit, and Friday night football - Friday night football? Tsk, tsk, tsk! You got a member of Congress chasing down little boys and the Chron thinks Friday night football is more important. You're kidding me right? If I want to know about Friday night football, I'll read Saturday morning's sports section. I'll be scratching my head about this one for a while.

Speaking of bobbleheads, Commentary got a hold of some MLB post season promotional stuff including a Tommy Lasorda bobblehead wearing a tux. Tommy is MLB's post season spokesperson. He don't look like Tommy, unless Tommy's off the pasta.

At 2,930 career base hits, Craig Biggio is tied at #31 with Hall of Famers Roger Hornsby and Jake Beckley on the all time list. Hornsby, a two time Most Valuable Player and two time Triple Crown winner had a .358 career batting average and has the never to be broken record of batting .424 in 1924. His primary position was second base and he played his most productive years with the Cardinals. Beckley played first base from 1888 to 1907 with the Pirates, Giants, Reds, and Cardinals. His career batting average was .308. Biggio is the leader in career base hits among active players. Number two on the active player hit list is Barry, Barry, Barry - at 2,841. Pretty cool!

Here's an idea that Commentary thought of first! For next season, maybe the 'Stros need to have a contest on when Bidge reaches Numero 3000, like the specific game, specific inning, specific pitch count, don't make the contest easy, and the winner gets an all expense paid trip to an Astros road series, plus some gear, plus some of those Astros bucks, plus throw out a first pitch.

Now that my post season action has been taken off of the table, it's time to check out some flicks. I rented "Inside Man" with Denzel, Jodie and Clive Owen - very entertaining - rent it! I think we'll go check out Scorsese's new one this weekend with Nicholson, Damon and DiCaprio - Commentary's fav Scorsese flick - "Taxi Driver" - you talking to me?

October 3, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary