By Marc Campos

Respect, Casanova, Campaign Time

The Astros finally get a prime time national TV appearance in the first round of the playoffs Thursday evening. Of course, both the Yankees and Red Sox don't play Thursday. Regardless, how can you keep Roger, Roy O., Pettitte, Biggio, and Lidge off of national TV. It helps that we're facing the Braves.

Let's see - we have the best starting rotation, the best closer, a rookie of the year finalist, the all-time National League leader in leadoff homeruns, and veterans that have won World Series rings. We came back after being 15 and 30. We find a way to win. Don't know what the Vegas line is, I do know that I like our chances. Maybe now we're finally getting respect.

Candidate Protection Service, Hurricane Santos, Congressman Casanova, busted bed - all in last night's "The West Wing" episode. Dude is definitely from Houston.

Here we go. Think folks in District 143 are now ready for some serious campaigning. The weather has dominated the news the past few weeks, folks weren't interested in campaigns. Time to roll it out. The only candidate that actually lives in District 143 is ready to make her move.

October 3, 2005, 9:00AM

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