By Marc Campos

ICE-ing Down H-Town?

You canít help but wonder if the GOP led feds are making an effort to bang on H-Townís Mayor maybe thinking that this will hurt his future political chances. There is a lead story in todayís Chron City and State section about H-Town not doing its part to cooperate with ICE and chase down local Latino gangs that are led by paperless folks. Check it out. Unless Iím reading the story wrong, the ICEheads in DC say H-Town isnít cooperating but the local ICEhead says we are Ė huh! The GOP still doesnít get the fact that banging on paperless folks isnít a net voter getter especially here in the Lone Star State where according to a yesterday Census report - Espanol is spoken in one of every three Lone Star State households. Of course, thatís all beside the point. Commentary wants H-Townís PD chasing down the bad guys and not doing ICEís job raiding donut shops looking for paperless folks.

4,300 CenterPoint customers are still without power or less than one percent and I still donít have cable. If I donít get it by tonightís debate, Iíll definitely start complaining.

There has been a lot of press run lately on how Senator Biden should treat Governor Palin this evening Ė like he should be careful on how he goes about obliterating her. Isnít that sexism? I think Iíll order take-out this evening, crack open a nice red, and watch a real live red, white and blue obliteration.

Budís Brewers got beat yesterday Ė so did the Cubbies Ė hee hee hee. Meanwhile, at The Yard, it looks like the ĎStros donít want to pay reliever Doug Brocail $3 mil plus next season. Commentary hopes something is worked out because I think he can still help out.

October 2, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary