By Marc Campos

Wait 'Til Next Year and the GOP Problemo

And in the end, yesterday was the reason there was a yesterday - eleven men left on base and a severe lack of clutch hitting, but what the heck, it was a very entertaining last 13 days. Two weeks ago today, most folks thought we were done and then came the nine game winning streak. For a while it looked like maybe, just maybe. They had me thinking Fall Classic here we come.

There are those that will knock the team for their performance, errr, lack of, this season and I can handle that. It would have been nice to have had better hitting from Morgan Ensberg and Jason Lane. It would have been nice if Brad Lidge had not blown so many save opportunities, but that's baseball. The 'Stros and the White Sox, last year's World Serious teams, didn't make it to the playoffs, but that's baseball.

Personally, I enjoyed the season. Yeah it was frustrating but it is always cool going to the yard and watching major league baseball. Sure I would prefer getting ready for playoff action this week but I'm OK with what transpired. After all, I snagged eight foul balls - one which I actually got to keep.

At least it came down to the last day and that's a good thing. Drayton, Pam-In-Charge, Tim, Scrap Iron, The Rocket and all the rest gave it their best and that's all we can ask. 3 mil plus of us were out there to show our support. It just didn't happen this year - so wait 'til next - Monday, April 2, 2007 - Opening Day/Night versus the Pirates - be there!

Well, now I'll have a little more time to crack on Guv Dude, Lady Foghorn and The Kinkhole.

Speaking of 'holes, it looks like the GOP U.S. House leadership has some 'splaining to do on this "page" turner. Yikes! Remember when these guys were all over President Clinton and what's her name? It was like morality overkill. Now they have their own little (errr, pardon the pun) problem. Dems need to nail them, nail them, nail them, nail them! I repeat, nail them! Ask for investigations! Ask for hearings! Ask for resignations! Ask for heads to roll! Keep this on the front page! Put a hurt on them big time with this issue!

Oh, by the way, Tiger won again yesterday.

October 2, 2006, 9:00AM

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