By Marc Campos

Great Expectations?

What are the expectations for tomorrow night’s VP debate? Now that Governor Palin has become the so called “punch line,” how high, errr low has the bar been set? How many gaffes can she get away with? Stay tuned!

About one and a half percent of CenterPointland are still without power. Hope my pal Nancy over in Lazybrook got on the grid.

Remember back in February when Commentary called out the local Area 51 Democrats for endorsing Carol Alvarado’s opponent (Elias De la Garza) who had voted in four GOP primaries. Then a few weeks ago the local blog guy that thinks he’s smarter than everybody else called out Commentary on the issue - sorta. Well, it turns out Carol’s former opponent who just ran as a Democrat has shown up as a sponsor/donor to two local GOP State House candidates – Meyers and Murphy. I wonder what the Area 51 Democrats have to say about that. I wonder what the smarter than the rest of us blog guy has to say about that too.

It is really interesting in that there is not that much chatter, name calling, or blaming going on around here by local Dems or GOPers on the financial mess we’re in since all but one of our local members of Congress voted against the rescue bill.

Commentary is still without cable but I’m not complaining, but if I don’t get it by this afternoon, I won’t be able to watch the MLB playoffs that happen to have five teams from blue states and three teams from toss-up states – nothing new on the ‘Stros.

October 1, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary