By Marc Campos

Chron Endorses James Rodriguez, Soto Proposes, B-G-Goodbye

“District I voters are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect one of the most promising young civic leaders in the city to represent them at City Hall. The Houston Chronicle believes Rodriguez will become an outstanding councilman.”

That’s what the Houston Chronicle said this past Saturday when the Chron endorsed James Rodriguez for Houston City Council, District I. Way to go James!

Speaking of one of the original Young Guns, Jose Soto proposed to Nikki Cooper Friday night at The Yard on the KissKam. 41,000 plus witnessed. Jose told a bunch of folks ahead of time and surprisingly nobody leaked it to Nikki – whew! Jose is one of those folks that give Commentary good takes on campaigns. Nikki Cooper don’t need touching up.

“The race was a lot closer than what was reported” said the guy that Melissa Noriega whupped this past summer – huh? The whupped fella told that to the Chron this past weekend as he gets ready to be whupped again next month. The Chron only reported the final score and Melissa got scoreboard.

Speaking of scoreboard, I sure would hate to be a New York Mets fan this morning. They’ll talk about this choke job for years.

Well, we’re done with B-G-Os – that’s not a good thing. The most folks ever to The Yard – 43,823 - said goodbye to Craig Biggio yesterday. Dante and Commentary were there and we also got a foul ball. It was very emotional. Biggio’s graceful exit made the season. Hey, sure it would be nice to be in the playoffs, but this just wasn’t our year. Craig Biggio is living testament that baseball – the best game ever invented – is more than just wins and losses. It is about how the game is played and nobody played it better than Craig Biggio. H-Town is lucky to have had #7 for 20 glorious seasons. B-G-O, B-G-O…….

October 1, 2007 9:00AM

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