By Marc Campos

The Vo Observers
By Marc Campos

Today's Chronicle story on the Hubert Vo - Talmadge Heflin vote tally listed some of the players helping out the candidates. On the Heflin side: Austin GOP lawyer Andy Taylor, former METRO Chair Robert Miller, and soon to be city council candidate George Hittner. On the Vo side: former Dem county chair Larry Veselka, DNC member Sue Lovell, political consultant Kier Murray, and Bill White staffers Elena Marks and Rogene Calvert.

Repubs are probably not too happy to see a couple of Bill White aides helping knock off the powerful House Appropriations Chair. Marks and Calvert were there as volunteers and not as mayoral representatives. If Vo holds onto his victory, you can bet that White will hear some complaints from some of his GOP buddies.

November 9, 2004, 9:10 AM

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