By Marc Campos

Can Vo Survive
By Marc Campos

On election night, Democrat Hubert Vo, candidate for state representative, District 149, had a 52 vote lead over Republican incumbent Talmadge Heflin. This morning, Vo's lead is down to 38. The remaining 193 absentee ballots and 189 provisional ballots will be counted this Sunday.

Both sides have brought in heavyweights to make sure the count is conducted properly. State Dem Chair Charles Soechting and former Harris County Dem Chair Larry Veselka are assisting Vo. The Texas GOP's leading election lawyer, Andy Taylor, is helping Heflin.

Props go to Chair Soechting for his quote - "He (Heflin) tried to steal someone's baby not that long ago. I wouldn't put it past him to steal the election now".

The good news for Vo is that he goes into Sunday with the lead. Assuming all the remaining ballots are counted, in order to win, Heflin would have to get 208 out of 382 votes. The bad news for Vo is that the process is being conducted by folks that don't want him to win.

Don't underestimate the GOP's ability to prevail. Taylor is their best gun. He's a major reason why the GOP has been able to run over Dems in courthouses throughout the state. If they don't win it Sunday, don't be surprised if they win it in a recount or in court.

November 5, 2004, 9:15 AM

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