By Marc Campos

Statewide Hopefuls
By Marc Campos

Tony Sanchez, Martin Frost, Jim Turner, Chris Bell, Nick Lampson, Charlie Stenholm, Ken Bentsen, Barbara Radnofsky, David Cleavinger, Ron Kirk, Max Sandlin, and John Sharp. This is the list of Democrats that folks are saying could be statewide office candidate material in 2006. Our advice to them is to get started early - like now.

Running for statewide office in Texas is a grueling endeavor. It requires extensive travel on the part of the candidate. You have to meet with hundreds of local elected officials and party activists. You are on the road most of the time. So it is best to get started early.

To be competitive, you have to raise millions of dollars in campaign funds. So a candidate needs to put together a finance team that can immediately begin to work.

Texas is a big state. The longer a candidate waits to make a decision, the more difficult it is going to be for them to succeed. When you look back at the time when Democrats used to win statewide elections in Texas, you find that those that were successful spent a long time campaigning.

November 4, 2004, 9:40AM

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