By Marc Campos

Zilch For Dems And Exit Polling
By Marc Campos

Democrats have nothing to show for their efforts. Dems came home empty handed. No White House and losses in the House and Senate. Florida was not close. Looks like New Mexico and Iowa are in the W column.

Democrats can't look each other in the eye this morning and point to any bright spots. Oh sure, maybe they can point to a few local wins like Chet Edwards and Hubert Vo, but on the whole, the Democratic effort produced dismal results.

On another note, this morning, "Today Show" host Matt Lauer referred to the exit polls as one of election day's biggest losers. He's right. By mid-afternoon yesterday, Democratic Party operatives thought that Kerry had a decisive victory. The so called highly secretive morning exit polls had been leaked and showed Kerry winning in most battleground states.

A sense of euphoria then developed within Democratic circles. As the evening wore on, it was obvious that the exit polls got it wrong. Exit polls ended up being a cruel hoax on Democrats.

When in comes to election results, we do not have the patience to wait until all the votes are counted. We want to know who is going to win, in some cases, even before election day. We look at trends, poll data, past results and exit polls. It is going to be interesting to find out how the exit pollers screwed up yesterday.

November 3, 2004, 9:40AM

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