By Marc Campos

2008 Chron Preview?

The Chronís columnist had an interesting take on the Harris County DA today. Now that is worth pondering. The DA faces reelection next year against a formidable Dem. Iím starting to like the Chronís coverage of politics and campaigns. Of course, it works both ways so we might think about fastening our seat belts as we prepare for 2008.

Now that local Dems think we have a good shot at winning Harris County in November of 2008, there are a lot of first time candidates running particularly in courthouse races. My advice to most of them, take your time before you hire somebody like Commentary. To those candidates that may have Dem Party Primary opponents, check out the credentials of folks like me by talking to other folks before you sign up somebody like me. Look at your own fundraising situation and see what kind of campaign you can afford to run before you lock in the dreaded consultant. You donít want to stub your toe before you even file if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, at the end of H-Town Early Voting Day 2, in African American strongholds: Palm Center 172 voters, Sunnyside 234 voters, Acres Homes 62 voters. In Latino strongholds: Moody/Ripley 23 voters, HCC Southeast 21 voters. Theyíre certainly voting in Kingwood (326) and Clear Lake (187). I wonder which Jo(e) gets their vote.

I donít want to jinx anything but according to the Chronís Jesus, the ĎStros might get second baseman Kazuo Matsui Ė thatís a real good thing. Now if we can only make progress on a closer Ė stay tuned!

The Former Young Political Consultant That Ö.. is 27 years young today. Weíre going to lunch today then go cast our votes in the H-Town At-Large Council Run-Off Ė itís a tradition. Happy Birthday Bethany! Beth Arnold donít need touching up.

Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl will be going to one of The Holiday Parties tomorrow evening at Hotel ZaZa! This will be our first ZaZa venture Ė zee you later!

November 30, 2007 9:00AM

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