By Marc Campos

Hatewood, Campaign $$$, The Young Political Consultant That Works For …..

Well, it looks like we got us a paperless folk bashing community next to H-Town.  The burg is called Friendswood and they want to go English-Only.   They want to put the English Only measure on the ballot next May.  While they are at it, why not also vote on a burg name change?  Vote for “Hatewood.”

Props go to Texas State Rep Garnet Coleman for putting in some of his own campaign $$$ for radio ads during the election.  He did it because he wanted to make a difference.  It’s his campaign $$$ and he can spend it if he wants.

Some other Dem Legislators with lots of campaign $$$ didn’t spend their buckos and that’s OK with Commentary.  They have a right to hold on to their funds and they should not be called out.  Maybe they are saving it for a big political race down the road or something like that.

The candidate that runs and the Dem Party are responsible for raising and spending the money.  Let’s not crack those that have a ton of money and have no opposition – why should they have to spend their $$$ for someone else’s race – just a thought. 

Above her desk is a framed Op-Ed piece that ran in the Chron that she helped to develop dealing with a major high profile and emotional local public policy initiative.  She was only 24 at the time – not bad at all.

Bethany Arnold is her name.  She is 26 today and is one of the brightest out there.

She is smart, sharp, articulate, witty and very mature.

One of the reasons Commentary likes her is because she isn’t a yes person.  She challenges and never hesitates to give her takes.   Her point of view is important and definitely respected.  She has the ability to grasp a complex issue and make sense of it.   She is also real good and seeing past the BS we routinely encounter.

She’s an exceptional writer and that’s important in this business.

She can hang with the best – easily.  Of course, she’s probably a bit more diplomatic than Commentary.

Her politics are excellent.  In fact, she is one of the Co-Chairs of next January’s Annual Roe v Wade Planned Parenthood Luncheon.

She’s a player.   Too bad for Commentary she won’t last here forever…..awwww!  You see, she is planning on getting smarter and that’s cool with Commentary because she will still be around the business because….. well, she’s a player and she’s real good at this game.

She and Jake’s Owner, errr Rian are the owners of Rocky and Jake.

Oh, by the way, The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary don’t need touching up.

Happy Birthday Bethany Arnold!  






November 30, 2006, 9:00AM

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