By Marc Campos

Fairness, Vote Early, Judge Z, Happy Birthday!

GOP State Rep Todd Baxter from Austin resigned 30 days ago. Yesterday Guv Dude called a January 17 special election to fill his seat - 78 days after the vacancy was created, some Austin voters get to pick a new rep. The District 143 special election was held 155 days after the vacancy was created. Don't think that's fair.

Here in Houston, early voting begins today for a few city council runoffs, a couple of school board races, and of course, District 143. It'll be interesting to see how many folks turn out to vote - winners will be announced two weeks before Christmas Eve.

Props go to local JP Judge Z for marrying my nephew and his lovely yesterday. I've never attended a wedding in a judge's chamber before - Judge Z's handling of the ceremony was pretty cool.

Happy Birthday to a Commentary staffer! Now she's old enough to rent a car without having to pay extra. (FYI - She shares the same BD with G. Gordon Liddy, Billy Idol, Ben Stiller and Sandra Oh - you know, from the Pinot Noir movie.)

November 30, 2005, 9:00AM

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