By Marc Campos

City Runoffs, (S)Electeds, NFL, Huckleberryís Line

I would be worried if I were a Joe Trevino supporter in the run-off race against Jolanda Jones for the At-Large Council, Position 5. In yesterdayís first day of early voting, African American strongholds voted a lot heavier than Latino strongholds. Palm Center 88, Sunnyside 118, Acres Home 42 vs Moody/Ripley 9, HCCS Southeast 12 Ė yikes! Of course, this isnít scientific but it is indicative.

The Chron has a couple of stories today on the adventures of a couple of local elected officials. This time itís about Eversole and Gallegos. They certainly got a lot of comments from the readers on chron.com Ė mostly critical. Iíve been in this business for 35 years now and Iíll never cease to be amazed, errrr entertained. I definitely donít think weíve heard the last of these adventures. Thatís why things always get interesting as we head into a campaign season.

Speaking of entertainment, the big story in the Lone Star State today is where to go watch the Favre/Romo match-up this evening if you donít live in the Metroplex. Only in Texas would we get this much run on where to go watch a football game. The game is being carried on the NFL Network that you need to pay to get or change cable carriers or get a dish or something like that. I donít even know what I pay for now with my carrier. I thought I had every channel in the universe. I donít think I get the NFL Network though. Anyway, it doesnít matter. Where Iíll be this evening ďGreyís AnatomyĒ will be on. Iím betting that Texas football mania will force Guv Dude to call a special session to make sure Lone Star State football fans are never denied a Cowboy game again. After all, Texas football is a public policy priority in these parts.

Speaking of entertainment, Commentary checked out part of the GOP Prez debate last night. Huckleberry took a shot a Hillary by saying that he would support the Mars space program and make sure Hillary was the first one on the spaceship Ė yawn. There wasnít as much Hillary bashing this time around. Hey, maybe they think that by doing too much Hillary bashing they might end up facing Obama and HARPO Productions next year. You heard it here first. It was good to see Catcherís Mitt fumble around on issues like Choice, Gays and paperless folks. Iím ready to see Huckleberry get some major props so then he can get slapped around.

The ĎStros are still looking for a closer as we head into December.

November 29, 2007 9:00AM

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