By Marc Campos

Astros, Texans, Rockets, Welcome To The Party

I saw where former Astro closer Billy Wagner signed with the Mets for $43 million for four years. The 'Stros are in negotiations with catcher Brad Ausmus. Commentary thinks that if they re-sign Ausmus and Roger gives us one more year, we will again be contenders next year. Look, we got to the World Series - what killed us then was lack of timely hitting - we could have won the last three series games. Remember, we're still the National League Champions.

Commentary changed the channel this Sunday when the Texans were way ahead. Then went to do some stuff for Laura. It wasn't til late that night that I found out the Texans blew the game. Now we're talking about who's going to be our next head coach and who's going to be our top draft choice. The Texans need to see if Jimmy Johnson will come out of retirement. Top draft choice - the fella from Texas (if he'll come out early) or the quarterback from Southern Cal. The Texans' current QB turned out to be a dud.

Got a call this morning from the Rockets' ticket office. They wanted to sell me a ticket package. It was too early in the morning to say - "you gotta be kidding." Got to hand it to the Rocket ticket sellers - trying to sell a product that stinks. They have the third worst record in the league.

Two of Commentary's clients are endorsing Laura Salinas' opponent today. Welcome to the party! That's what I like about America. You should be able to be on different sides and still be able to go to a ballgame together and shoot the breeze. Just don't ask me go to a Texan or Rocket game, now that's personal. Got to hand it to Laura Salinas and her campaign - in the elected official endorsment game, our one to their kazillion, yet we're still standing tall.

November 29, 2005, 9:00AM

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