By Marc Campos

Ross' Killer, Dying On Friday, And Glo Thongs
By Marc Campos

Over a year has passed and Ross Allyn's killer has not been caught. Allyn's charred body was found in November of 2003 at his fire gutted home. He had also been shot.

Ross was a high profile and very outgoing city hall lobbyist. He had a lot of friends and acquaintances. You figure with as many buddies that Ross had, someone out there might have provided that bit of info that pointed the police toward the murderer.

Some theorized that it could have been work related. Believe me, there is nothing at city hall worth killing/dying. Maybe the Chron will do a year later piece and new info will surface.

On another matter, some of us are of that age where reading the obituary column is a daily ritual. That's a thing we do. In every Saturday's newspaper you always find the least number of death notices. Is Friday not a good day to die?

For the guy that is looking for a sexy Christmas gift for his significant other, there is the glow in the dark thong - the Glo Thong. Invented here in Houston by a NASA employee, the thong lights up for two hours. It comes with a battery and charger. The Glo Thong costs $50. Definitely a novelty and only if this kind of thing is a turn on to both of you.

November 29, 2004, 9:00 AM

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