By Marc Campos

Labor Smacks City

Yesterday Commentary was driving around listening to the Christmas tune radio station when a radio ad came on about the City of Houston hiring teenagers to handle 911 emergency calls – yikes! The Working Man Hero had sent out an email earlier in the day talking about the ads and the City’s response to them. The City wants the ads pulled. The City apparently does not like to get slapped around. The ads got some TV run last night on the local TV news.

The City and the union representing a bunch of City employees are in negotiations for a new contract and the ad was aired to build public support for the union’s position. If it is indeed true, having the City hire teenagers to handle 911 emergency calls is pretty dumb. The union has to do what it has to do to get support for its bargaining position. I don’t think there is money in the City budget to run counter ads. All is fair – I guess.

Early Voting begins today in H-Town. I wonder who H-Town Council Member Peter Brown is voting for in the At-Large Council Run-off. He can endorse two candidates but can only vote for one – I think. Heck, Peter can go in and pass over the race and press the red cast ballot button on the election gizmo, but that’s not Peter’s style. I mean what’s wrong with endorsing two candidates but only voting for one and letting folks know who you voted for? He can say that they were two good candidates and he flipped a coin in the voting booth. Heads for Jolanda, tails for Joe!

Speaking of, both Jolanda and Joe sent out dueling press releases on the eve of Early Voting. Both releases listed their endorsements. The advantage goes to Jolanda. Jolanda has a more impressive list and a heck of a lot more endorsements.

Speaking of, Houston City Council Member-Elect James Rodriguez pulled municipal court jury duty yesterday. The case involved an incident in you guessed it – District I.

Commentary got his third holiday party invitation yesterday. I might be jingling with Da Bells in a couple of weeks.

The ‘Stros signed up a veteran reliever yesterday – we still need a closer though.

November 28, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary