By Marc Campos

Add-ons, Deguella, Al and 56, Free Turtles

OK, I heard it!   Add General Clark and Senator Obama to the list of Dem Prez 2008 wannabees.   Now let Commentary know Texas Dems that are picking a candidate!

Interesting question, if the GOP had retained control of the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate or both, do you think they would have shown mercy to Dems?  Heck no!  They have been punking us for years!

Should Dems now act differently and reach out to W and the new GOP minority.  You know that Rush Blimblow, Matt Sludge and all the other right wingers will continue to go after us so why be nice?  Just a thought, errr a very good thought, though.   How about just keeping our foot to their neck?   Think about it, if they get back in control, will they be nice?

Hey, forgot something – My Best Friend turned the Big 56 Sunday – Happy Birthday Big Al!  FYI – his daughter Lisette is having her big engagement party this Saturday night in H-Town, then she’s moving to Cheesehead Country – just in time for winter – yikes!

Commentary is for sure an EnviroHead – participated with My Brown Eyed Girl in a Pacific Green Turtle, errr Baby Turtle release yesterday – pretty cool.  150 in the buckets – 35 to 50 % will survive.   The rest will end up as fish food.



November 28, 2006, 9:00AM

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