By Marc Campos

Foghorn's Invite, DNA, Questionnaires

Got a copy of Lady Foghorn's upcoming Houston fundraiser invitation. A number of local heavyweight trial lawyers on the host committee list. The Ambassador - former METRO Chair - is also on the list. What's that saying about politics makes strange bedfellas?

Saw the story over the weekend about the Virgin Mary statue in NoCal crying red bloodlike tears. Thousands are flocking to check it out. A church official finally got around to taking a sample to get it tested for DNA. Hope he didn't send the sample to the Houston Police Department lab - yikes!

The subject of candidate questionnaires came up with a few folks over the long weekend. Everybody agrees with Commentary. If you are a candidate, you can't fill out an organization's questionnaire and say to the organization's leadership - "these are my positions on the key issues, but don't let your membership know." Sorry - you're not ever going to win that argument.

November 28, 2005, 9:00AM

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