By Marc Campos

Delegate Quest

CEWDEM sent out a notice on how to be a delegate to the National Dem Convention. There is workshop this weekend for wannabee delegates. Since Commentary has yet to pick a candidate for Prez, do I have a shot? Maybe I should wait and hope I get picked from the At Large Committee at the State Convention. I wonder who will be the person from the Prez nomineeís campaign that will do the selecting at the At Large Committee meeting. I need to find that out and give him/her some good run in Daily Commentary and hope I get picked. Heck, maybe I need to say some great things about my Senate District Dem leadership and they will draft me to be a national delegate from SD 15.

Harris County lost a legal fight to display The Bible at the courthouse. Thatís a good thing. Of course, I donít have anything against The Bible Ė I have a couple here. I didnít even know The Bible was being displayed at the courthouse until somebody took legal action and it got some press run. When it was displayed, how many folks actually stopped by it and read the scriptures? Iím guessing not many. I donít think anybody is getting shortchanged by not having The Bible displayed at the courthouse. After all, thatís why we have Sunday school.

Speaking of the Eighth Commandment, Al Gore visited W yesterday at what should have been his office. I hope he wasnít dumb enough to take his Nobel Peace Prize with him. W would have probably stolen that from him too.

Speaking of the county courthouse, Commentary received his first mailer for the 2008 election season. The honors go to Andres Pereira, a Dem candidate for the 190th Judicial District Court. It was a nice mailer.

How many times are we going to fall for it? How many times can we get chumped out? Iím talking about Big Dick Cheneyís heart condition. Come on, he ainít got a heart. Weíll find the weapons of mass destruction before we find Big Dick Cheneyís heart.

Yesterday happened and H-Town City Council Member Peter Brown didnít endorse a third candidate in the two person At-Large council runoff race Ė whew!

Pam-In-Charge, errr My Brown Eyed Girl is ___ years young today. Sheís younger than Commentary but older than Dante. She probably has the best job in town. When it comes to who in H-Town has the best view from their office, nobody can touch Pam-In-Charge. She can look out at the field at The Yard from her desk Ė now thatís cool. Happy Birthday Pam! Pam Gardner donít need touching up.

Speaking of The Yard, there is nothing new to report on getting a closer or Kaz Matsui. Iím keeping my fingers crossed.

November 27, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary