By Marc Campos

Does It Matter? GLee, Pam and 50

November 2008 is less than two years away and Commentary is looking for Texas Democratic Party officials, electeds, activists, donors and so on that have signed on to a Democratic Presidential 2008 wannabee.   Hillary, Bayh, Edwards, Biden, Vilsak, Kerry, Gore, Richardson…… you get the picture.  Commentary will put together a matrix on our website that’ll keep tabs on who is for who – Texas style.

Betcha Hillary gets the most Texas Dems.  Betcha Kerry gets the least.

The purpose of this exercise is to see if we – Texas – are relevant to the primary selection process.  In other words, do we matter?

Props go to Drayton for definitely giving us more than leftovers this past Friday.   We now got us a bona fide slugger in Carlos Lee and a proven pitcher in Woody Williams.  You got to hand it to Drayton, Tim and the front office, they definitely want us to keep coming to the yard. Commentary is also glad that Carlos is of the Latino persuasion.

Speaking of the front office, Pam-In-Charge is celebrating a birthday today.  She gets to blow out 50 candles – yikes!!  Pam don’t need touching up!


November 27, 2006, 9:00AM

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