By Marc Campos

In Transition

It looks like the Obama Transition folks read Daily Commentary for sure. They didn’t waste anytime putting together a meeting with potential Latinos for their administration. Check it out. Commentary is still waiting for an announcement though. Somebody sent Commentary a message yesterday that said “what about Bill Richardson?” Hey, he hasn’t been announced yet.

Commentary will take tomorrow and Friday off. Hey, I got the Macy’s Parade to watch, dinner with the family, maybe go ask Sean Penn if he's got “Milk”, and fill out three Georgia runoff mail ballots for me, Dante, and J. Dominic and FedEx them on Friday. On Friday I go to 99.1 FM for four weeks worth of Christmas tunes so I will be out of touch with Sports Talk Radio.

Speaking of, Governor Palin will be going to Georgia to rally the troops in the final days of the runoff. Let’s see if she can help close the deal. I wonder if somebody told her that the opponent wasn’t Putin. I wonder why the Georgia GOP didn’t invite W?

Meanwhile, I’m sure we will give thanks tomorrow at the family dinner table for W only having 53 days left to continue to mess things up. We will also give thanks for the fact that he will be moving to the Dallas area and not the H-Town area – whew!

We will also give thanks to local GOP judges who continue to say it is OK to send out emails that make fun of folks of color, women and gays – Dems can always use this kind of ammo in 2010.

My Best Friend is celebrating fifty-something today. Like Commentary, he’s a huge ‘Stros fan. He and his wife were big Obama supporters this past year. He was also a real good legislator in the 80s. Happy Birthday Al Luna!

Pam-In-Charge will be celebrating one tomorrow. She also likes the ‘Stros and she makes sure we do too. My Brown Eyed Girl never needs touching up. Happy Birthday Mañana Pam Gardner and thanks for doing a great job of running The Yard!

November 26, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary