By Marc Campos

I Endorse Everybody!

H-Town At-Large Council Member Peter Brown endorsed Jolanda Jones and Joe Trevino for City Council At-Large, Position 5 in the run-off. That makes sense to me. Of course, when it really counts, he can only vote for one – I think. A lot of folks say Brown is thinking about running for Mayor in a couple of years so he is kind of playing it safe. I wonder if Peter will show up at both Election Night gatherings to wait for the results. Early Voting begins this Wednesday and E-Day is December 8.

Speaking of, Joe Trevino has been rolling out a few endorsements lately – mostly from Latinos and Latinas. How come they didn’t endorse him in the first round? He was the same guy then. He had the same name. He looked the same.

The last time Texas voted Democratic in a presidential election was 1976. That was for Jimmy Carter. Commentary was the Deputy Director of the Texas Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign way back then. Since then, Texas has donated to the national political scenery 41, DeLay, and W. We’ve been miserably red for 31 years. That’s why we don’t get to stay in hotels close to the National Dem Convention. Heck, we’re lucky they didn’t stick us in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

HARPO Productions is heading to Iowa for Obama in the Dem Prez Sweepstakes – wow! She doesn’t lose very many. I wonder if the Vegas line is shifting significantly. I wonder who has more influence – a former Prez or HARPO. We will see.

My Best Friend is 50 something years young today. Al Luna used to be in the Texas Legislature and was on the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority. Heck, his name is on a couple of plaques at The Yard. He was a darn good public official. I wish they made more like him. Happy Birthday Big Al!

Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl went to see “No Country For Old Men” this weekend. The movie has a high body bag count. The movie even introduces a new way of whacking folks. Check it out and let me know who you think has the money.

The ‘Stros need a closer. I sure hope the new GM gets us one – yikes!

November 26, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary