By Marc Campos

Turkey Dumb Ads

Commentary always thought that when we started paying four bucks for a gallon of gasoline earlier this year we were being sent a message from high above to get our act together like get rid of our gas guzzlers. Now we’re paying like a dollar seventy-five so last night GM rolls out a TV ad that basically says now that gasoline prices are lower it is time to go buy one of those gas guzzling mega SUVs. I thought it was a pretty disrespectful ad. I was kind of leaning in favor of the auto industry bailout, but if they are going to roll out disgusting ads like the one I saw last night, it is pretty obvious to me that the auto execs think we are all a bunch of chumps. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they are trying to move inventory off of the lots but still.

Channel 11 did a story last night on the City of H-Town’s financial situation. Check it out.

The story basically said we are going broke – yikes. Maybe the H-Town City Council ought to vote real soon to change the name of the city to something like “BankHouston” or “CitiHou” or “HIG” – (Houston Is Great) – and then ask to be put on the bailout list. I don’t know if the story has any legs. We will find out. What I didn’t like was that Lemur fella they had on last night. That guy is against everything if you ask me. He definitely didn’t add any credibility to the story.

There is some grumbling going on in Latino political circles nationwide. There haven’t been any Latinos announced for key positions in the new Obama administration – nothing, nada, zilch. Unless I am missing something, there haven’t been any Texans named either. Stay tuned on this one.

Commentary saw a sign at a local grocery store that said they were closing at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day. What are they doing being open in the first place on that day? Why does a checkout clerk have to work until 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day anyway?

My good buddy Hector produced some very interesting pie charts regarding the votes cast in Harris County three weeks ago. I took the liberty to post them on my website under “Hector’s 2008 Numbers.” Check it out.

Yesterday the ‘Stros got them a 25 year old minor league lefty who went 3 and 15 with a 7.21 ERA last year – yikes! I hope they know what they are doing at The Yard!

November 25, 2008 9:00AM

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