By Marc Campos

Not So Sharp

Newly elected Dem Appeals Court Judge Jim Sharp actually did all the other winning local Dem Judges a favor. Sharp’s post election fundraising solicitation note made it to Chron.com. Take a look.

“I trust that you will see your way clear to contribute to my campaign account in an amount reflective of the $2,000 contribution you made towards my defeat and the fact that by their very nature post-election contributions are tardy and in very few realms does tardiness not incur an up-charge.”

"I will have no funds from which to send flowers to the deceased, travel to weddings, funerals, send cards, take care of 'officeholder' sorts of activities . . . guess like the squirrel storing up for the winter, I need to gather my nuts (sounds bad . . . ) while I may."

``I look forward to honorably serving you and the jurisprudence of Texas for many years to come.''

Now all of the other winning local Dem judicial candidates know what NOT to say in a solicitation letter.

On January 2, 2009 when H-Town CM James Rodriguez becomes the only Latino on the H-Town City Council, it will be the first time Latinos only have one council member since 1991. The Latino high point was 1996 when four Latinos served – John Castillo, Gracie Saenz, Orlando Sanchez and Felix Fraga.

Somebody forgot to tell apple growers about deflation. Commentary dropped by the local Kroger yesterday and ran through the produce section and threw four Honeycrisp apples into the cart and when I was checking out the register rang up nine and a half bucks for the apples – you gotta be kidding!

NBC gave Rosie Oh-No a prime time TV show – you gotta be kidding!

Commentary checked out the big game on the tube Saturday night. That wasn’t a whupping or an arse kicking of the Red Raiders. That was a downright molestation job.

My Brown Eyed Girl and I checked out Bond, James Bond this past weekend – it gets the old thumbs up for sure.

Since we’re heading into Thanksgiving, I don’t expect to hear anything from The Yard.

November 24, 2008 9:00AM

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