By Marc Campos

Ugly, Ugly II
By Marc Campos

Fan mauler, Ron Artest, was interviewed this morning on the Today Show and certainly did not move public opinion in his direction. In fact, he used the interview to promote his CD. This guy is in denial. He does not get it. Maybe when he starts missing the mega paychecks, it will finally sink in.

Sadly, Artest has not acknowledged that his legacy has been cemented. Forty years from now, when his name is brought up, folks will say - "yeah, he's the guy that went into the stands". When the next pro athlete goes berserk and goes into the stands, they'll say - "he pulled an Artest." His behavior last Friday night will forever overshadow his accomplishments on the basketball court.

On the other hand, maybe he does get it. Maybe he recognizes that his name I.D. shot up over the weekend and he figures he'll take advantage and promote his CD.

November 23, 2004, 9:00 AM

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