By Marc Campos

November 22 and Turkeys

Wow – 43 years!   What could have been!  JFK, LBJ, Drickie Dick, Ford, Carter, Reagan, 41, Clinton and now W – W!!  We wuz robbed!

Speaking of turkeys, I guess it’s time to hand out Commentary’s Turkey of the Year Medals.  CD 22-ville gets more than its share - DeLay and Sekula-Gibbs of course, plus an Honorable Mention for Nicky for pulling the paperless folk card.

To all those that decided that it’s cool to do paperless folk bashing including the Mini Men, Redneck Branch, Lou Dobbless, Guv Dude, the DSCC, Wong, and most of the GOP.

Others medals go to The Kinkhole, JACK AbramOFF, GOPredators, $3 a gallon gasoline, John Kerry, Crummy, Jerry McGuire, and Braveheart.  

Jumping on the turkey express as it pulls out of the station – tada – Kramer!

Speaking of Kramer’s meltdown, he actually scored points this morning – if you can believe that – well, they were actually default points.  Two of the African American dudes that he offended last Friday evening were on TV this morning with their lawyer – Gloria Allred – yuk!  She wants money from Kramer for her clients for dropping the N-bomb - huh?  The two fellas were ‘splaining what happened and referred to Latinos in the audience that evening as “Mexicans” – Mexicans?  Sorry pals, we’re either “Latinos” or “Hispanics” or “Browns” or even “Chicanos” – we’re not “Mexicans.”   No money for you guys.  Gloria needs to do a better job of advising her clients – no money for her either.

How come they had to get a lawyer anyway?

During this Kramer stuff, I’ve heard a few folks say “there are limits to free speech” – huh!  What does that mean?

Speaking of paperless folks, Santa arrives in New York tomorrow for the big parade.  How come he don’t get stopped at the border?  Maybe during the holiday season the paperless folks that come over to the US Of A ought to be wearing red jump suits with fake white beards, dragging a sack and yelling “on Dacher, on Beto, on Chuy, and Paco!”

Happy Thanksgiving! 

November 22, 2006, 9:00AM

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